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Ja'Frysta - Planet of the Six Systems



Ja'Frysta is pronounced Yah-free-s-ta. It is in homage to the Andorians of Star Trek. I loved the few appearances by these blue aliens in Star Trek so much, I decided to create my own version of these amazing creatures. Plus who doesn't love an planet made of ice.



  • Second farthest planet from the two suns.

  • Because of it's orbit it actually receives less sunlight than it's Desdemona cousin.

  • This planet was terraformed shortly after Regvand.

  • Sub Zero temperatures are the norm. If you plan to visit make sure you bring your coat.

  • Their buildings are made of a mixture of ground and ice.

  • Many homes on Ja'Frysta have a portion above ground and a portion below ground.

  • Though Ja'Frystians love the cold, there are temperatures they can't handle. During the winter, they hibernate in specialized caves under the city that regulate their body temperatures.

  • The palace is located in the middle of an icy lake. This was thought to a defensive position against the furry ice beasts that hunt during the winter.

  • Ja'Frystans are an offshoot of the Regvand line.

  • Ja'Frystans use their powers to reset polar ice caps, help generate atmospheres, and controls cold weather.

  • Ja'Frystans skin is nearly white. They have poor eye site comparably to their Six System Cousins.



The Ja'Frystans are pragmatic about everything. While they don't show a great deal of emotion, one shouldn't think they lack emotion. They will defend the Six System's with their lives if provoked.

Most Ja'Frystans can't stand to leave the comforts of their own planet. They only do so if the circumstance calls for their special abilities. Because they are closely related to the water planet of Regvand, they only attend missions if their Regvand cousins cannot assist the planet.

They follow the teachings of their ancestors called the Ancients. They honor the fact that the Xardens were placed in charge of the Six Systems. Though the find the tropical climate of Xardenora unbearable, they still make time to visit the large sentient Golden Wood trees annually.

There have been a few reports of Ja'Frystans surviving on coldness of space in their hibernation mode. It's practice is frowned upon, but there are still some who test their abilities on the outside of their large sturdy ice run space ships.

If off world, you will always find these cold loving Ja'Fystans in their silver metallic climate controlled suits which sometimes alter their voice.


Ja'Frystan Characters featured in The Progenitor Chronicles

King Andar

Queen O'Flinga



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