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Time Crystal Book Cover
Time Crystal

by Sara Wright

The Progenitor Chronicles




A forbidden crystal. A dying planet. Can a man with earth powers save a civilization?


Oren overflows with worry. After becoming the keeper of an ancient prophecy, the young king fears he may never understand its meaning in time. But when a mysterious girl falls through a portal with a forbidden crystal, the tree loving royal becomes desperate to save millions from annihilation.

Rushing to the opposite end of the galaxy, Oren hopes he can stop the star from exploding in time. When his bickering team disobeys him, the leader of the planetary coalition resolves to keep everyone alive.

Can Oren save an entire sector of space from ruin?

Time Crystal is an enthralling short story prequel in The Progenitor Chronicles young adult space fantasy series. If you love elemental powers, portals through time, and deep bonds of friendship, then you’ll love Sara Wright’s captivating adventure.

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TP_BOOK_1_ebook_6x9_340p rev_edited.jpg

A princess commands the elements. A conspiracy to exploit her powers. Will she plunge the galaxy into war?

Xendara teems with anxiety. After disturbing visions of her first planetary aid mission, the young royal dreads leaving her home world. But when she comes across a shadowy figure aboard their spaceship, the semi-immortal girl falls apart when she helplessly watches her father’s assassination.

Navigating the complex political landscape of their multi planet coalition, Xendara hopes to balance opposing forces. With relentless enemies watching her every step, the fledgling girl fears causing a conflict that her friends and family may not survive.

Can Xendara uncover her enemies’ schemes in time to prevent bloodshed?

The Progenitor is the captivating first book in The Progenitor Chronicles young adult space fantasy series. If you like elemental powers, deep bonds of friendship, and fantastical space travel, then you’ll love Sara Wright’s enchanting adventure.


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Hope is all Xendara has as her adversaries seek to shatter the timeline.

With her home destroyed, Xendara and her friends flee. Life on the run isn’t easy for them, their enemies are everywhere, and they only want one thing: her powers.

In the furthest reaches of the galaxy, they find an unlikely ally with powers greater than their own. With her help, Xendara and Darijus increase their powers.

But her adversaries unleash a formidable dark being from the future that seeks to reshape time. Together, they must stop this new threat while protecting their families. But with a traitor amongst them, it's hard to know who to trust.

Their bond is stronger than any in history. If they fail, their bond will be destroyed forever and Xendara will become the worst threat the Universe has ever seen.

After all a girl with the power to alter time, can destroy the Universe.

Will they be powerful enough to stop this dark goddess from altering time?

EBOOK_TP_3 Final FA.png

Trust is all Xendara has as an ancient evil awakens to destroy her.

In a galaxy teetering on the brink of annihilation, Xendara becomes the symbol of hope, as she leads her people into a desperate civil war. With her powers fading she embarks on a journey in a race against time to halt an ancient evil from destroying the Universe. But with the darkness growing inside her, she may lose everyone she loves.

With his heart divided, Darijus must choose between protecting Xendara or shielding his sister, forcing him to trust a former enemy. Navigating through space and time, he questions everything he’s ever known, including the person he holds closest: Xendara.

Together, Xendara and Darijus must face an enemy more powerful than the architects of the Universe.

Will they muster the strength to halt the annihilation of the universe? Or will the lure of dark powers prove too compelling to resist?

EBOOK_TP 4 FA (1).png

Serenity is all Xendara seeks, as her enemies aim to control the multiverse.


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Book Reviews

Amazon Review

"This book was a fun mix of elemental magic and Star Trek level of galaxy travel. The author did a great job building Xendara’s character and her level of growth."

David - Read Freely book review

"I really enjoyed The Progenitor ... It is a world of harmony, of healing plants, of wise civilizations. Even during the most breakneck periods in the story, something about the world that Wright has created seemed to spread a balm over everything."

Goodreads Review

"I found The Progenitor to be a really fresh take on the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre (I'd call it a Sci-Fi book, but it has some great fantasy elements - which is really cool!).
The plot (no spoilers) is an intriguing mystery that develops with good pacing. I love the kind of mystery/conspiracy story that you get here. And when it's done in such a fresh and interesting setting with well defined and relatable characters, it's a joy to read."

Amazon Review

"One of the best sequels I've ever read.
The Equinox continues Xendara's story in such a way that it kept me reading late into the night--because I didn't want to stop reading it! "

Amazon Review

"The author has created a fantastic world that sucks you in from page 1. This is the second book in the series and I found it picked up at a good point, I really enjoyed the prologue; (much like the prequel short story to the first book, I feel it gives great insight into the story.) I love the blend of nature and technology, and the tie in of nature terms. (The use of the nickname Sap, anyone?)
These books are incredibly smart and a fun read. I feel confident recommending this to any sci-fi fan!"

Goodreads Review

"Love to jump back into the awesome world building of the Progenitor books. I absolutely love the fantasy / sci-fi mix and the details that this world offers. The writing is great, and I usually have no problem following along.
I would recommend this series to anyone interested in YA, fantasy and science fiction. It's an easy but captivating read - though you would have to begin on book one: the progenitor."

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