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The Wright Chronicles

Desdemona - Planet of the Six Systems Behind the Book of The Progenitor Chronicles

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Behind the book look at the war planet of Desdemona. A planet known for volcanoes in The Progenitor Chronicles by Sara Wright.

Desdemona - The volcano planet filled with red lava that gives it a red glow from space.

Behind the Book look at the planets and people of The Progenitor Chronicles

Background of Desdemona:

In my youth I loved reading about how things worked and were built. I loved my books about volcanoes. When I had the opportunity to study some in my college days I was excited.

I know what you're thinking volcanoes are dangerous and I would agree with you on that point. However, volcanoes can also be beautiful.

Without volcanoes Earth might have been stuck in an ice age. Without volcanoes some of the rocks that decorate our kitchens would not exist. Without volcanoes some of our precious minerals would never have existed. Without volcanoes the ground would not be replenished with vital minerals for food.

The next time you pass by a volcano remember where there is destruction, beauty can exist. Always remember to have proper respect for them, because we do not know the day or hour they will activate their destructive power.

Through all this, my study of volcanoes inspired me to create a world that was beautifully destructive. That is how I came up with the planet of Desdemona.



  • Desdemona is the furthest terrestrial planet from two suns.

  • It’s red surface is like our own sister planet we call Mars. The only difference is that there is free flowing water and plant life on Desdemona (but not much).

  • The Obsidian Castle is made of the smooth glass-like black rock.

  • Desdemona does not sit naturally within the circumstellar habitable zone of the Six Systems. It was terraformed by the descendants of the Progenitors that specialized in fire and heat.

  • While their powers are divergent, Desdemona and Rhyolite descended from the same Ancient progenitors.

  • Desdemona has the most volcanos of the Six Systems.


Like volcanoes on Earth, Desdemona has beauty and destruction. The people of Desdemona are passionate about the arts. Where most people see only destruction, they see beauty.

The Desdemonan's are a hearty race. They can withstand high temperatures that humans would never be able to stand. The "fire race" of the Ancients can manipulate the molecules to cause a chemical fire reaction. The heat from their powers can be so intense they can melt rock. The Desdemonan's use their powers to melt rock to power their ships.

If you were to ever meet this powerful race, I wouldn't anger them in any way.


Desdemonan Characters featured in The Progenitor Chronicles

King Absalom

Queen Encantra

Prince Xalvador

Lord Volner


King Tristan


Cordelia (Family from Desdemona and Regvand)


The Progenitor by Sara Wright

Peace was all Xendara desired, but her enemies hunger for her power. Princess Xendara is the heir to the throne, but her life is turned upside-down when a mysterious spaceship attacks. She learns her father had secrets. With his untimely demise, she must uncover them before her enemies remove her from power. In her quest to keep peace within the Six Systems, she discovers a power she didn’t know she had; a power that everyone is looking to exploit. With the help of her childhood friend Darijus, she unlocks long lost memories of her past, only to find his destiny is intertwined with her own. A prophecy guides her choices to the correct timeline. But can she trust a prophecy that foretells the death of a loved one? With the destiny of the Universe on the line, who she chooses to trust will divide a galaxy.

With powers her enemies aim to exploit, will she risk galactic war?


Sara Wright is a science fantasy author who loves to add dash of sweet romance to her books.


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Time Crystal - the Prequel to The Progenitor Chronicles

Time Crystal by Sara Wright

The Progenitor Chronicles


Time Crystals are forbidden for a reason, but King Oren must use one to save a civilization.

King Oren’s only goal was to be a peaceful caretaker of the galaxy. But when a girl falls through a portal into his courtyard clutching a forbidden Time Crystal, his life changes.

With a cataclysmic event imminent, he must lead a group from his home system to the opposite side of the galaxy. Everyone looks to their seemingly immortal race for aid, but even with their elemental powers, they are far from perfect.

Armed with the Time Crystal, they seek to stop an exploding star from decimating an entire population. The problem is, he doesn’t know how to use the crystal. Even worse, he might die trying.

Will King Oren stop the star from exploding? Or will time unravel?

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