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Celebrating the 2nd Anniversary as a Published Author

Updated: Apr 29

Celebrating the 2nd Anniversary as a published author is exciting. It's time to reflect on what I've learned and my hope for the future. Plus, I've added a few bookish bonuses. You won't want to miss out.

Sara Wright pictured with first book in The Progenitor Chronicles.
The Progenitor

The Progenitor Chronicles started as a map of a bi-nary star system drawn on a scrap piece of paper in a restaurant. As I cared for my grandmother, it bloomed into a story about love, healing, and hope. That moment is so symbolic, because this particular series helped be through some of the worst moments of my life.

I can't believe it's been two years since I published the first book in The Progenitor Chronicles. It's so crazy! If I could go back in time like Xendara, I'd tell myself to publish my book sooner. The down side would be that I wouldn't tell the same story.

Think about it. All stories are a culmination of the authors experiences and life lesions—even in fantasy world. If I published a book when I was younger, this story may not have existed. Every book written contains a small piece of the author that is given to the readers. It's probably why many artists suffer from imposter syndrome. They want to share their art, but don't want to feel exposed. But that is what authors do when they choose to publish.

For me, once I publish a book, it's not my story anymore—it belongs to my readers. What is so amazing to me is they often find little gems inside that I never noticed. And it makes sense. I'm basically story blind by the time I finish polishing everything.

The thing that makes this two year anniversary especially rewarding is that my journey to authorship has come full circle. Like Xendara, I've learned a lot. There are advertising/ marketing avenues I wished I started earlier and others I wished I never tried. Then there is the business mindset I wish I had acquired a little sooner, which is funny saying because I am a bookkeeper by trade. But given how much a new indie author must learn before they figure things out, I could have done worse.

Overall, I am just grateful that the uninformed, insecure, young girl that thought a writing career would be fun is finally allowing herself to enjoy creating. I love the fact that I enjoy editing because I hated revising things when I was little. Now I crave feedback and I'm not afraid of getting it.

By this time next year, I'll be moving on to new stories and characters. I'll be exploring dystopian worlds with fantasy elements because I love science fantasy too much to completely into dystopian. My only wish is that everyone who reads my stories are filled with hope, even if the characters are thrown into hopeless situations.

In celebration of this 2nd bookish anniversary, I am participating in a few bookish giveaways. Click below and win these fantastic books!

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Thank you for celebrating my 2nd Anniversary as a published author with me!

May You Prosper as the Golden Wood trees!

~Sara Wright


The Progenitor by Sara Wright

A picture of the first book in The Progenitor Chronicles.
The Progenitor

A princess with secret powers. A conspiracy to exploit them. Will the superpowered princess plunge the galaxy into war? Xendara teems with anxiety. After disturbing visions of her first planetary aid mission, the young royal dreads leaving her home world. But when she comes across a shadowy figure aboard their spaceship, the semi-immortal girl falls apart when she helplessly watches her father assassinated.

Navigating the complex political landscape of their multi planet coalition, Xendara hopes to balance opposing forces. With relentless enemies watching her every step, the fledgling girl fears causing a conflict that her friends and family may not survive.

Can Xendara uncover her enemies’ schemes in time to save her friends?

The Progenitor is the captivating first book in The Progenitor Chronicles young adult space fantasy series. If you like elemental powers, deep bonds of friendship, and sweet romance, then you’ll love Sara Wright’s enchanting adventure.

Buy The Progenitor to plot your prosperous planetary adventure today!


Sara Wright is a science fantasy author who loves to add dash of sweet romance to her books.


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Time Crystal - Short Story in The Progenitor Chronicles - features a spaceship flying into a portal.

Time Crystal by Sara Wright

The Progenitor Chronicles


A forbidden crystal. A dying planet. Can a man with earth powers save a civilization?

Oren overflows with worry. After becoming the keeper of an ancient prophecy, the young king fears he may never understand its meaning in time. But when a mysterious girl falls through a portal with a forbidden crystal, the tree loving royal becomes desperate to save millions from annihilation.

Rushing to the opposite end of the galaxy, Oren hopes he can stop the star from exploding in time. When his bickering team disobeys him, the leader of the planetary coalition resolves to keep everyone alive.

Can Oren save an entire sector of space from ruin?

Time Crystal is an enthralling short story prequel in The Progenitor Chronicles young adult space fantasy series. If you love elemental powers, portals through time, and deep bonds of friendship, then you’ll love Sara Wright’s captivating adventure.

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