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Editorial Reviews of The Progenitor

Reviews mean everything to an author. Check out these editorial reviews of Sara's debut novel, The Progenitor.

Sara Wright smiling with a proof copy of The Progenitor.

It's been interesting learning the business of self-publishing. As with any business, there are high points and low points. One of the things that I wasn't prepared for was the immense level of imposter syndrome the creeps up every time I publish a book.

With The Progenitor and The Equinox, it started a few weeks before. But with, The Ancients, it hit me a few weeks afterward. Even though the books have had some very lovely reviews, I still struggle with the fact I still feel like I don't fit in. Every time, I keep plugging along, planning the next book or series.

But every once and awhile it's nice to read the reviews to remind yourself that maybe that self-doubt lingering in your head isn't speaking truth. So I was super excited when The Progenitor received these fanatic editorial reviews.


Reed Freely - Review of The Progenitor

I really enjoyed The Progenitor. But even more than the story, I loved the way that author Sara Wright has created the world in which the story is situated. It is a world of harmony, of healing plants, of wise [civilizations]. Even during the most breakneck periods in the story, something about the world that Wright has created seemed to spread a balm over everything. I’m probably doing a horrible job of explaining what I mean, but I urge you to pick up this book and find out for yourself.

Read the full review here. (Sometimes the link is glitchy. Just search for, The Progenitor, on their website if it doesn't come up the first time.)


Booksbutterfly Review

Overall Recommendation

We highly recommend The Progenitor to readers seeking a magical and rewarding YA fantasy novel with a touch of sweet romance. We would give it a rating of 90 out of 100

For YA readers – 90/100

For YA Fantasy readers – 100/100

For YA Science Fiction readers – 90/100

For YA Romance readers – 90/100. Please Note: This is a Space Fantasy with a Clean Romance. This is not an all out Romance

For Older Fantasy and Space Fantasy and Science Fiction readers – 80/100. While it is aimed squarely at YA readers, it is a good choice for any adult readers who like Avatar type stories that are a mix of technology and nature and space

Curator’s Thoughts on The Progenitor (A Space Fantasy) by Sara Wright

This is just a very well-constructed book and an intelligent and absorbing read

It takes a lot of effort to mix genres and get it right. It’s very ambitious of the author to attempt to combine a Space Opera with Fantasy and then add in a Clean Romance

Somehow Sara Wright has pulled it off and created a book that our reviewer gave a very high 90 out of 100. Reviewers at Amazon and Good Reads also love it

Hats off to Ms. Wright for achieving the near impossible and mixing all these genres into a very readable and very pleasurable book.


Indie Reader

Sara Wright’s THE PROGENITOR (book one of the Progenitor Chronicles) is a well-crafted work of fantasy fiction that explores themes like fate, love, war, empathy, betrayal, generational secrets, and hope. The author takes readers on a roller coaster ride with beautiful words, vivid descriptions, peculiar characters, excellent character development and a mesmerizing plot.


If you haven't read this exciting series, check out the books today.

The Progenitor by Sara Wright

Peace was all Xendara desired, but her enemies hunger for her power. Princess Xendara is the heir to the throne, but her life is turned upside-down when a mysterious spaceship attacks. She learns her father had secrets. With his untimely demise, she must uncover them before her enemies remove her from power. In her quest to keep peace within the Six Systems, she discovers a power she didn’t know she had; a power that everyone is looking to exploit. With the help of her childhood friend Darijus, she unlocks long lost memories of her past, only to find his destiny is intertwined with her own. A prophecy guides her choices to the correct timeline. But can she trust a prophecy that foretells the death of a loved one? With the destiny of the Universe on the line, who she chooses to trust will divide a galaxy.

With powers her enemies aim to exploit, will she risk galactic war?

Oh ... and a ... don't forget to leave a review after you finish your adventure.


Sara Wright is a science fantasy author who loves to add dash of sweet romance to her books.


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Time Crystal - the prequel short story to The Progenitor Chronicles.

Time Crystal by Sara Wright

The Progenitor Chronicles


Time Crystals are forbidden for a reason, but King Oren must use one to save a civilization.

King Oren’s only goal was to be a peaceful caretaker of the galaxy. But when a girl falls through a portal into his courtyard clutching a forbidden Time Crystal, his life changes.

With a cataclysmic event imminent, he must lead a group from his home system to the opposite side of the galaxy. Everyone looks to their seemingly immortal race for aid, but even with their elemental powers, they are far from perfect.

Armed with the Time Crystal, they seek to stop an exploding star from decimating an entire population. The problem is, he doesn’t know how to use the crystal. Even worse, he might die trying.

Will King Oren stop the star from exploding? Or will time unravel?

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