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Review of Comstock Chronicles

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

An adventurous clean epic fantasy with slow burn romance series that takes you through the elemental powers of the Guardians.

Earth Spark by Vanessa Thurgood


The elements are waking. The primordial Guardians stir. Evil lurks in the shadows, waiting for the one person who can set it free.

Nienna’s ancestors labeled the Earthspark, and everything associated with it, as black magic. After she lands in the heart of an extinct lava chute, she discovers the fabled power is real. And that she’s the first one in over a thousand years to possess the cursed gift.

As her ill-fated power grows, the number of dark creatures bent on using her power increases. If that weren't bad enough, the Guardians have reappeared, and the elements are on the move. Nienna must choose to embrace the Earthspark or live the rest of her life like a hunted animal.

However, accepting the Earthspark means her family's greatest enemy may be her only ally in the fight against the rising evil of the Fire Witch. With her choice in the balance, the fate of her people rests on the untried shoulders of Tellidus's second-born and the infamous Guardian of Earth.

THE EARTHSPARK is the first novel in the Comstock Chronicles, a clean Young Adult epic fantasy that will take you on a journey of elemental magic, love, honor, and family. This book is for readers who love fantasy adventure, self-discovery, and a slow-burn romance.



I found this book when the author was looking for ARC readers. I saw the cover and I wanted to read this book, so I jumped at the chance. I am so glad I did.

Nienna is not just any princess. She is a cartographer that has no intentions of acting like a typical princess. Much to her mother's ire, she attends a university to advance her skills. Thankfully it's those very skills, her father needs in this adventure, because the Guardians are awakening, but so are the bad guys.

The Earth Spark is the first story in the Comstock Chronicles. It does a fantastic job of building up this unique world where the builders of the planet once walked among the people. I found it to be a refreshingly unique adventure with chosen one, good vs. evil, and elemental power tropes. The author does a fantastic job leading the reader down one path, only to twist it later to reveal the truth.

Nienna was an amazing hero. She maybe lacking in her knowledge of the Earthspark, but she's smart, humble, and loving. All of which she uses to aid the group. I particularly loved when she met Tellen. It was a such a creative way to bring the Guardian to life.

I highly recommend this book to all fantasy lovers.


The Raider's Curse by Vanessa Thurgood


The dragon is waking. The raiders proved they are willing to kill to set him free. Nienna must stop them or watch her homeland burn.

Handed down for generations, hatred for the south is rampant in the Northern Reach. That enmity reaches a point of no return when the raiders mark Nienna as the key to unlocking the gate of the dragon's prison. The acid green dragon's return could mean the end of Tellidus and the reunited Pathfinders.

Entangled in an age-old battle of sibling rivalry, Tellidus's princess must drag herself out of the depths of despair and find her power once again. When the raiders threaten her brother's life, Nienna sets out to even the odds and hopefully find the missing Earth Guardian, Tellen.

Through the help of her new friends, Nienna is determined to stop the raiders and their fateful plan to free the dragon. But to survive, she must navigate the maze of her nightmares long enough to battle the demons of the real world. She may lose the only man she's loved and see her home erupt in flames if she can't.

Spread your wings and take flight in the second installment of The Comstock Chronicles, exploring elemental magic with thrilling adventure and gut-dropping twists in this clean young adult epic fantasy series. If you love heart-pounding action, elemental magic, stormy secrets, and slow-burn romance with a sprinkle of a love triangle, you'll devour this book.



The sequel to the Comstock Chronicles is amazing. In this tale, Nienna and Tellen are in a dark place, which leads to heartbreak. I found myself wanting to, on more than one occasion, yell at the characters not to take the actions that they did. Which makes me love the story all that more.

The Raider's Curse takes the reader right back into the action, but there are more bad actors than before because the evil is spreading because of Fiora (who is a fellow Guardian). Fiora and her faithful followers are just so good at being evil you just have to dislike them. The sad part was seeing so many people following her.

One of the things I loved was Nienna's learning to control air. The author does such a fantastic job describing the art of flying. I really visualized myself flying with Aros and his followers.

I highly recommend this book to all fantasy lovers.


The Raider's Curse by Vanessa Thurgood


How far would you go to save yourself and those you love?

Nienna Comstock never expected her pursuit of the Earth Guardian through Peroma to lead to such dire consequences. Desperation sets in when the capricious magic of the fortress hurls her back in time, casting her into the treacherous depths of the Mountain Veil. Stripped of her elemental powers, she transforms from a rogue princess into a slave, bound to the infamous dragon that haunts Tellidine history. As the kingdom falls into the grip of a rampant slave trade, Nienna’s faith in the Guardians of Earth and Sky shatters. Surrounded by enemies who should be allies, she’s left with no one to turn to. Just when all hope seems lost, the dragon presents her with an offer she cannot refuse. Now, Nienna must grapple with the worth of her own life and the lives of her fellow countrymen. Will she forsake her loyalties to the Guardians in exchange for freedom, or cling to broken oaths, watching helplessly as her people remain ensnared in the chains of slavery? The threads of destiny weave tighter as Nienna’s choice hangs in the balance in this enchanting adventure, THE QUEEN OF THE NIGHT, the third volume of THE COMSTOCK CHRONICLES. Unleash your imagination amidst a realm of elemental magic, captivating shifters, and exhilarating quests. This spellbinding, clean young adult epic fantasy will transport you on a journey of self-discovery, wrapped in a slow-burn, no-spice romance that will leave you yearning for more.



TBD - Currently Reading - Check back soon for my update and thoughts.


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The Progenitor Chronicles


Time Crystals are forbidden for a reason, but King Oren must use one to save a civilization.

King Oren’s only goal was to be a peaceful caretaker of the galaxy. But when a girl falls through a portal into his courtyard clutching a forbidden Time Crystal, his life changes.

With a cataclysmic event imminent, he must lead a group from his home system to the opposite side of the galaxy. Everyone looks to their seemingly immortal race for aid, but even with their elemental powers, they are far from perfect.

Armed with the Time Crystal, they seek to stop an exploding star from decimating an entire population. The problem is, he doesn’t know how to use the crystal. Even worse, he might die trying.

Will King Oren stop the star from exploding? Or will time unravel?

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