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Xardenora - Planet of the Six Systems

Updated: Sep 7, 2022



Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on a planet where sickness didn't exist?

From my youth until now, I have helped various family members through the pain of minor illnesses to to that of sever illness and even death. I'm not alone in this predicament Long before the pandemic that swept through our own planet, many of our brothers and sisters around the world experienced the pain of losing a loved one. I often wondered what it would be like if we didn't have that pain. Hence the birth of Xardenora.

Xardenora was the planet that healed my own pain after the death of my grandmother. It's place of advanced technology that could be balanced with nature. In my mind, it's the place I want to live and call home.

If I could travel to this amazing planet, I would visit the red moss cove and swing into the the crystal clear blue water that is the Eastern Sea.



  • Ruling planet of the Six Systems

  • Xardenora is the 2nd closet terrestrial planet to the two suns.

  • It’s a jungle like green and blue surface is like Earth. The difference is the vast variety of trees.

  • There are two palaces.

-The Eastern Sea Palace that is made of rock in the shape of a step pyramid with

a young Golden Wood tree growing off the top. It is the summer vacation

home of the ruling monarchs

-The Tahra Palace is made out of several varieties of trees with the base of the

palace made of stone. King Oren grew this palace with help of his wife Queen

Krystallos. It serves as the primary home for the ruling monarchs and is located

just outside of the capital city.

  • Xardenora is the original planet of the Six Systems. All descendants of the other five planets originate from Xardenora.

  • Xarden's powers are the most diverse. They are capable of healing, channeling the power of animals, growing any plant or tree, and are telepathic.

  • Xardenora has the most variety of plants and animals than any planet in the known Universe.

  • Xardenora means Ruling Garden


One of the most distinctive features of the planet is that the famous "Talking Trees" can be seen from outer space.

Main Tree types:

Golden Wood tree:

  • Bark that shimmers like gold in the sun.

  • The base of the trees can reach several miles wide

  • The male Golden Wood tree that lives in the middle of the capital city of Tahra is said to reach all the way up into the Stratosphere.

  • These trees are semi-sentient and can telepathically speak to the people of the planet.

  • They are connected like a network throughout the planet

  • These telepathic trees are considered the protectors of the planet

Brown Wood tree:

  • These trees are taller than that found on earth.

  • They are often used as the base for homes.

  • The Brown Wood tree have a dark chocolate smooth bark texture

  • The trees are the second largest trees found on Xardenora

Silver Wood trees:

  • These are very short trees

  • There delicate silver branches are often used to outline the windows of homes and government buildings.

Purple Wood trees:

  • Medium sized trees

  • Have purple bark

  • Are often used an energy source on Xarden ships

Green Wood trees

  • The most prolific of all other trees

  • Tall and slender similar to Earths pine trees

Yellow Wood trees

  • Small ornamental trees

  • Used to decorated gardens and line roads

Red Wood trees

  • Similar to Earths Giant Sequoia trees

  • Usually found in the high mountains

White Wood trees

  • Used for home decorations

Striped Wood trees:

  • Used for creating doors

  • Has a district zebra like bark

There are many more types of trees located on Xardenora, including the flowering type like the Pluma trees. It would take several millennia to catalogue all of the trees.



While the people of Xardenora cannot get sick, they have the power to cure just about any illness, except one. I can't tell you what that illness is just yet because it will be revealed in a future book. However, know that they desire to use these powers to the benefit of others in the galaxy.

They follow the teachings of their ancestors called the Ancients. These Ancient progenitors are the architects of the Universe. With their vast power and wisdom, they set forth guidelines that their future descendants would follow. One of those edicts is to be a guide and example to the Universe. They also placed Xarden's in charge of the Six Systems.

Xarden's are known to be peaceful. They seek to resolve conflict and rehabilitate those who seek to harm others. While they will defend themselves, they do so with the aim to subdue the attackers, rather than harming them.

The Xarden's are the most welcoming species of the Six Systems. If you're going to visit this wonderful group of planets, this is a must see spot on any itinerary.



  • Every seven thousand years, a person is born on Xardenora with the DNA of the ancient Progenitors. With these powers a Progenitor can manipulate any molecule in the Universe including time.

  • They become the High King or Queen of the Six System sometime after their 200th year or whenever they choose to reveal themselves to the Planetary Council

  • Their job is to guide the Six Systems back to the way of the Ancients and protect the Universe.

  • They are capable of opening up portals that allow them to not only travel through space, but also time.

  • Because of their unique physiology they can only bond with those who have the specific gene markers to be able to receive a portion of their powers.

  • Golden Wood trees are said to play a role in the selection of the Progenitor and their future companion.


Xarden Characters featured in The Progenitor Chronicles

King Oren

Queen Krystallos

Princess Xendara

Princess Madora

Princess Maylee

Princess Keeya

Prince Keva

Prince Riyad

Chancellor Oakwood (aka Oaky)




High Officer Thistle

Xandar - the previous Progenitor

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