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The Wright Bookish Goals for 2024

It's 2024. As always, I've set my goals for the year. Here is The Wright Bookish Goals for 2024.

Using a pen to write checkmarks in little square boxes.

Goals are a tricky thing to navigate. You want to place your goals just slightly out of reach to achieve a bigger payoff. But if you get it wrong, you can quickly discourage yourself. My circumstances demand me to be flexible. Which is why I didn't publish my goals blog earlier.

First let's review my 2023 bookish goals.

  1. I did not win All Authors Cover of the Month in January. I'm fine with this because I'm really trying to double down on marketing that is selling books for me.

  2. I finished writing the final books of The Progenitor Chronicles. But I only published The Ancients. (more on that later.)

  3. I didn't write the new short story, but thanks to my newsletter subscribers, I have them planned out.

  4. My next book series is planned out. Instead of being an epic fantasy ... it's more of a YA dystopian fantasy. I have two short stories written to go along with the series.

  5. I only got to 25 reviews last year on Amazon for The Progenitor. I still need to work for those new reviews.

  6. I read twenty-four books. YAY. I didn't write reviews for all the books I read in this blog, but I did leave the reviews on Amazon.

  7. Set up my Etsy store for readers to buy my print copies direct.

Bookish Goals for 2024:

  1. Publish the final book of The Progenitor Chronicles.

  2. Publish top secret book with co-authors

  3. Write and maybe publish the first book in my new YA dystopian fantasy series. At the very least, get it ready for 2025 publication.

  4. Rewrite all my book descriptions based upon the book, Fiction Blurbs The Best Page Forward Way by Phoebe J. Ravencraft and Bryan Cohen. In case you're interested, the link to the book is at the bottom.

  5. Stick to my marketing plans.

  6. Find my tribe of dystopian fantasy authors (If you are an author, please reach out to me if you're reading this.)

  7. Engage with my readers more through social media and newsletters. (Unless you want an in person event.)

  8. Be more mindful of my health. This last year was the most stress I ever felt in my life. But I'm back to walking daily and writing/editing. Which is keeping my stress levels down.

  9. Write more blogs for my science fantasy readers.

  10. Join more bookish podcasts or start my own.

These are just a few of the Wright bookish goals for 2024. This list may change as my circumstances shift or as I gain more knowledge about publishing. That is the fantastic (and frightening thing) about being an indie author. It's a continuous education that never ends. Honestly, it's better than my university days.

What about you? What are your bookish goals for 2024?

Let me know in the comments.

Recommended Book:

Fiction Blurbs The Best Page Forward Way

By Phoebe J. Ravencraft and Bryan Cohen


Ready to give your novel the best chance at success? Learn eye-opening methods for penning sizzling descriptions that maximize sales.

Are you brought to tears distilling your 80,000-word epic into punchy, irresistible lines? Does switching from author to marketer leave you trembling at the keyboard? Is adapting your story’s synopsis into compelling copy like pulling teeth? With over twenty-five years as a professional marketing writer, BPF Editor-in-Chief Phoebe Ravencraft has led Bryan Cohen’s skilled team in creating over 5,000 sharply concise blurbs for published indie authors. Now she’s here to show you how to craft power phrases that drive readers wild for the buy button.

Fiction Blurbs The Best Page Forward Way is a meticulously detailed look at the precise words, format, and language underpinning a high-converting book description. Delivered in a friendly, conversational style, Ravencraft employs easy-to-understand examples that break down the art and science of marketing copy into a sentence-by-sentence masterclass. And by practicing these skills, you’ll learn how to make your unique story leap off the product page and into the hands of rabid new fans.

In Fiction Blurbs The Best Page Forward Way, you’ll discover:

  • Tricks for signaling genre and tone in the opening line to entice your ideal reader to devour more

  • Why tropes matter and how you can leverage them to grab the attention of hungry bookworms

  • How to identify the inciting incident and why including it turns casual browsers into diehard devotees

  • Two key paragraphs authors get wrong and how to mold them into tantalizing calls to action

  • The importance of rising stakes, grammar and style notes, innovative exercises to sharpen your commercial acumen, and much, much more!

Fiction Blurbs The Best Page Forward Way: The Step-by-Step Guide to Win over Readers, Sell More Books, and Market Like a Pro is your essential resource for becoming a copywriting ace. If you like clearly outlined advice, fun and relatable sample exercises, and encouraging in-depth teaching, then you’ll love Phoebe J. Ravencraft & Bryan Cohen’s sure bet for authors.


Sara Wright is a YA science fantasy author of The Progenitor Chronicles.


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The book cover for Time Crystal. It includes a space ship flying into a portal with a mysterious world on the other side.

The Progenitor Chronicles


Time Crystals are forbidden for a reason, but King Oren must use one to save a civilization.

King Oren’s only goal was to be a peaceful caretaker of the galaxy. But when a girl falls through a portal into his courtyard clutching a forbidden Time Crystal, his life changes.

With a cataclysmic event imminent, he must lead a group from his home system to the opposite side of the galaxy. Everyone looks to their seemingly immortal race for aid, but even with their elemental powers, they are far from perfect.

Armed with the Time Crystal, they seek to stop an exploding star from decimating an entire population. The problem is, he doesn’t know how to use the crystal. Even worse, he might die trying.

Will King Oren stop the star from exploding? Or will time unravel?

The reviews are the thoughts of Sara Wright about books that she's read and recommends to her readers. The choice is yours as to whether you'd like to purchase and read them too.

Sara Wright is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by advertising and linking to Please bear in mind that links used in this blog might be affiliate links. If you go through them, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to to you.

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