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Inside the Minds of Middle-Grade/YA Sci-fi Authors: A Panel Interview

Two YA Sci-fi authors teamed up to talk about books, the future of the genre, and our favorite troupes with Katherine D. Graham. Check out this panel interview in her New Year's Indie Book Blitz Middle-Grade/YA Sci-fi Authors Panel.

Author M.T. Zimny and Sara Wright - authors on the New Year's Indie Blitz 2023-2024 Middle-Grade/YA Sci-fi panel

Middle-Grade/YA Sci-fi Authors: A Panel Interview

Recently I joined (volunteered as tribute) author Katherine Dr Graham during her Indie Book Blitz of 2023/2024 on the Middle-Grade/YA Sci-fi Authors panel. As always it's terrifying to do a live interview. There is still so much I need to learn, but I gained so much from my time with M.T. Zimny and Katherine.

One of the funniest thing about our "sci-fi" panel is that our books are not strictly sci-fi. Gasp! I know what you're thinking, how can we be part of the sci-fi panel if we aren't strictly sci-fi? If you've read any of my stories, you'll know I serve my fantasy stories with a side of sci-fi. Honestly, I can't help it. I love blending the two together. It just makes the stories more enriched that way. Science fantasy is the way I write.

Apparently, M.T. Zimny did the same with The Apex Cycle series. Beta is world of Superheros and advanced technology. After talking to M. T. I have added this book to my TBR. Check out the book below.


Book Cover for BETA by M.T. Zimny - Large city buildings reach for the sky as rain falls.

Book one of The Apex Cycle


Samantha Havardson is not an Apex. She’s completely ordinary with a totally normal family that just happens to moving to the Apex epicenter of the world- the manmade island city of New Delos. Although she thinks her lack of super Apex abilities will keep her out of the limelight, it quickly becomes apparent that the city has different plans, sweeping Samantha up in a world of secret identities and super powers where anyone, even those closest to her, might be an Apex. Plagued by missing students, secret Apex teams, and a mysterious man named Adrestus, Samantha searches for answers, causing secrets to unravel about her classmates, her family, and herself that drag her deeper into the secret world of the Apex.


One thing I loved talking about is the tropes that I don't like. Most Young adult books, regardless of genre, are riddled with romantic interludes. Really, I don't mind that part, most of the time. But there are some issues that pop up from time to time.

Love Triangles, for example, are everywhere in YA literature. Hunger Games for example. Are you team Peeta or team Gale? One or the other was going to get hurt; that is just so sad. You can see it on their in the movies more than the book. But that is the sad reality of what happens when you string two people along: someone will get hurt. Even though I'm older, I understand that love triangles do happen in real life. But I don't remember them happening so often that it needs to be in every book.

Do you agree with me? Is there a trope in YA literature that you hate?

Let me know in the comments below.

In case you were wondering, I'm team Peeta all the way.

Watch the full interview below. Make sure to like, comment, and share.


If you haven't read this exciting series, check out the books today.

Cover of The Progenitor by Sara Wright - A young woman looks through a portal to a distant planet.

Peace was all Xendara desired, but her enemies hunger for her power. Princess Xendara is the heir to the throne, but her life is turned upside-down when a mysterious spaceship attacks. She learns her father had secrets. With his untimely demise, she must uncover them before her enemies remove her from power. In her quest to keep peace within the Six Systems, she discovers a power she didn’t know she had; a power that everyone is looking to exploit. With the help of her childhood friend Darijus, she unlocks long lost memories of her past, only to find his destiny is intertwined with her own. A prophecy guides her choices to the correct timeline. But can she trust a prophecy that foretells the death of a loved one? With the destiny of the Universe on the line, who she chooses to trust will divide a galaxy.

With powers her enemies aim to exploit, will she risk galactic war?

Oh ... and a ... don't forget to leave a review after you finish your adventure.


Sara Wright is a science fantasy author who loves to add dash of sweet romance to her books.


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Time Crystal - the prequel short story to The Progenitor Chronicles.

Time Crystal by Sara Wright

The Progenitor Chronicles


Time Crystals are forbidden for a reason, but King Oren must use one to save a civilization.

King Oren’s only goal was to be a peaceful caretaker of the galaxy. But when a girl falls through a portal into his courtyard clutching a forbidden Time Crystal, his life changes.

With a cataclysmic event imminent, he must lead a group from his home system to the opposite side of the galaxy. Everyone looks to their seemingly immortal race for aid, but even with their elemental powers, they are far from perfect.

Armed with the Time Crystal, they seek to stop an exploding star from decimating an entire population. The problem is, he doesn’t know how to use the crystal. Even worse, he might die trying.

Will King Oren stop the star from exploding? Or will time unravel?

Sara Wright participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by advertising and linking to Please bear in mind that links used in this blog might be affiliate links. If you go through them, Sara will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. The choice is yours as to whether you’d like to purchase or read the books.

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