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What is a Street (ARC) Team?


What does a Street Team member do?

Street Team members are voracious readers that love to support the bookish community. They receive an Advanced Reader Copy of an authors up coming release for free. Once they are done with the book, they leave an honest review on platforms like Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, etc. 

How do Street Team members support authors?

Besides leaving a review around the time the book is released, they also share the book on their book blog or social media platforms. They interact with the author on public forms supporting their posts and sharing them with their friends. Street Team members bring awareness for new books in whatever capacity they can.

I don't have a lot of time to read. Can I still join?

Sara Wright plans to release about two or three books per year. She aims to send ARCs about one month before publication. Reviews are expected to be posted around the date of release.


If you're too busy to read a particular book, feel free to opt out of that book and catch the next one. But any support is always welcome.


However, if reading two to three books a year with only about three to four weeks notice is too much, sign up for my newsletter instead. You'll be the second to know about a release and I will tell you about bookish swag, discounts, giveaways, and more. This way you can still support a book launch by purchasing the book, post a picture of you reading it on social media, and leave a review at a later date. Click here to sign up for the Wright Newsletter.

Why do you limit the number of people on the team?

Managing a street team takes a lot of effort on an authors part. To keep things as stress free as possible she limits her teams to small groups. As a result, if there is an opening on her team, she limits the sign up periods to a few times per year. 

What genre's do you write in?

Sara Wright is a science fantasy author. She generally writes in fantasy, but loves to bring out her love of science to her books. While she doesn't plan to add graphic violence or explicit scenes to her stories, she may include darker themes when appropriate to lend to character or plot development. If there are particular triggers you'd like to avoid reading, please let her know on the form below. 

Are you ready to read? Fill out the form below!

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