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The Ancients – Update One

A quick update about the third book in The Progenitor Chronicles

I am happy to say the third book in The Progenitor Chronicles is underway and on schedule. It’s been an interesting ride with these young characters through the three novels. I am thoroughly excited and sad to get closer to the end of their journey.

Without giving too much away, The Ancients delves more into Xendara’s powers. But this time, her unlimited star power has come to a screeching halt. She makes certain decisions in The Equinox that have her in trouble for the third book. All I can say is dark matter and dark energy are at play and they don’t play well with her light powers.

One thing I wanted to explore in this third installment was addiction. It’s something that plagues many people and families across the world. As I like to write books filled with hope, I keep these darker subjects as light as possible without destroying the message.

The good news is Xendara’s best friends are with her in this third installment. I can confirm that Darijus, Acacia, and Ronan are back for book three. They are closer than ever. While I’m still in phase one of book production, I am exploring chapters from Acacia’s point of view. I can’t guarantee they will stay, because many things get cut in the developmental editing phase. But should these scenes get cut or are modified, I will most likely release them to my newsletter members. For now, these scenes will probably make it for the final draft, but we will see.

Another character that is coming back is Xalvador. When I first wrote about this character, I didn’t like him very much, but after writing about his past, I have sympathy for him. He’s had a rough start in life. While Xendara, the main character, had a loving family, Xalvador had a father who hated him. So, it’s given him that morally gray characteristic that I wasn’t expecting when I first created him.

One character that has been missing this book is Xalvador’s father, Absalom. The reason I haven’t brought him back is, this book doesn’t take place in the same timeline as the first two books. You see, an accident happens in book three and well … things go wrong. So, it’s up to Xendara and friends to make everything right again; if they can. He will be back in the last installment of the series, so stay tuned for more news about the fourth book.

I suppose I need to get back to writing my book.

May you prosper as the Golden Wood tree!

~ Sara Wright

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