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Book Review of The God Heist: An Oceans of Sand Novella

Book Review of The God Heist by Jennifer Flory: A mysterious fantasy prequel novel that takes you through a world filled with sand, adventure, mystery, and romance.

Book Review of The God Heist

Book cover for The God Heist - an island with a dark good surrounded by sand on one side and water on the other in symbolic form.

An Oceans of Sand Novella


A disillusioned thief. A dreaded gift. An impossible heist to pull.

Jehn fears the day when his people will receive a moonstone from their goddess, Atoille, which will bestow a sand gift upon everyone. His rough upbringing on the street, pulling cons to survive, has taught him that people can’t be trusted.

When the dark god steals the moonstone and Jehn accidentally becomes the only recipient of its power, he must harness his unwanted gifts to recover the moonstone.

Jehn will have to master his new powers and dig up every skill he learned on the street if he’s going to cross the ocean of sand, infiltrate the dark god’s dwelling, and take back the moonstone.

Can he really pull a heist on a god?

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This was a fun prequel adventure through the Oceans of Sand. It features the reluctant hero, Jehn, who doesn't want his people get receive the powers to manipulate the sand. The irony is he ends up being the only one with the gifts.

Honestly, after having read the Oceans of Sand, I wasn't sure if this character was going to cave to the dark side or not. His reasons for not wanting the sand gifts are sound. But it still gave me pause which is the brilliance of this story.

As with the first book in this series, I was left wondering how they were going to pull off the heist. You have three friends, Jehn, the relucent hero, Duma, the gemologist best friend, and Keziah, the only one trained to fight against a God and his shadowy forces. It's clear from the start each character brings a unique skill that is necessary to complete the quest. However, they're inexperience and tension between the group members makes you question if they will succeed the entire time.

Keziah was a fun character because she was the one with all the skill. She had to watch Jehn learn the powers that she was supposed to receive. It makes for an interesting enemies-to-lovers trope because before this, they were friends or at least friendly.

If you want a short, clean enemies-to-lovers fantasy check out the God Heist!


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Book cover for Time Crystal. spaceship flying into a portal. On the other side of the portal is a mysterious planet.

The Progenitor Chronicles


A forbidden crystal. A dying planet. Can a man with earth powers save a civilization?

Oren overflows with worry. After becoming the keeper of an ancient prophecy, the young king fears he may never understand its meaning in time. But when a mysterious girl falls through a portal with a forbidden crystal, the tree loving royal becomes desperate to save millions from annihilation.

Rushing to the opposite end of the galaxy, Oren hopes he can stop the star from exploding in time. When his bickering team disobeys him, the leader of the planetary coalition resolves to keep everyone alive.

Can Oren save an entire sector of space from ruin?

Time Crystal is an enthralling short story prequel in The Progenitor Chronicles young adult space fantasy series. If you love elemental powers, portals through time, and deep bonds of friendship, then you’ll love Sara Wright’s captivating adventure.

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